Why would you use a Financial Adviser?

‘Only rich people use financial advisers’
– nothing could be further from the truth.

Having a Financial Adviser is just like having a Teacher, a Coach or a Personal Trainer. Instead of helping you lose weight, get fit or pass exams, Financial Advisers help you learn about how your money works and how to use the structures surrounding your money to work in the best way for you.

Why use Oliver Financial Planning?

It’s all about YOUR GOALS and the habits that you need to develop in order to achieve them.

At OFP, we concentrate on helping you develop good habits with your finances and learn as much as possible about your money in order to get the most out of your:
•   Income
•   Spending habits
•   Budget planning
•   Bank account structures
•   Mortgage setup
•   KiwiSaver
•   Insurance plan

We sit down with you and find out as much as possible as to what is currently happening, how your structures are currently working and what you would like to see happen in the form of what your goals are for you and your family.

We then go away and research your situation, consider all of the factors and come up with a written plan which we help you put in place.

Once the plan is implemented, you have the option of having monthly meetings with your Budget Coach – whose job is to make sure that you are developing the habits with your money that will help you reach your goals.

Your Budget Coach helps you to do the following:
•   Understand the impact of previous financial habits
•   Learn new financial habits
•   Plan the upcoming month
•   Keep you on target
•   Encouragement and support

Ultimately, your financial future is determined by you, your actions and how you approach to your money. Your Budget Coach helps you to develop habits and make every day decisions about your money that will help you to reach your goals quicker.

The Importance
of Financial Health
in New Zealand

At OFP, the financial health of families in New Zealand is seen as something that needs to be improved and strengthened.

All too often, we are witness to families not doing the correct thing with their money. This results in the restriction of choices available to those people and their families.

We believe that a lack of understanding about money results in major stresses for a lot of families in New Zealand and is a problem in all communities.

We believe that if we help people to better understand how their money works, help them set up the proper structures that surround their money and support them on a regular basis, we will be making tangible progress towards helping the lives of New Zealand families.

In doing this, we are giving people more choice and improving the financial health of the families that we help.

Healthy families equal healthy communities.